Deena Larsen and Julianne Chatelain
cordially invite you to
CyberMountain 2: off the grid

writing retreat:
28 July 2012
12 August 2012

(come for as many days
as you like; stay in
Steamboat Springs CO or at the
Strawberry Park Hot Springs)

colloquium day:
2 August 2012

(ignite! presentations,
conference banquet
and group discussion)


Contact us by posting an
expression of interest
on this message board...


An opportunity for e-literature writers (and their families and friends) to:

Re - charge
Re - write
Re - treat
Re - minisce
Re - lax

Each year Deena stays for two weeks at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The natural mineral baths soothe her aching body and the surrounding beauty soothes her mind and spirit. It's a great place to write, and one-on-one conversations in the pools have a special quality.

Next year, please join her for some or all of the time; there will be one day with actual un-conference programming, and the rest of the time will be structured by the participants themselves. Due to Deena's health condition, all discussions (other than Thursday's colloquium) will be held in the Strawberry Hot Springs pools.  You must stay at Strawberry Park Hot Springs to join in the discussions from 7 to 9 am.  If you are staying elsewhere, you can come at 10 am, and you must pay $10 entrance fee daily.


What we can not offer:

  • Electricity. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is off-grid. No electricity. No generators. No motors. (You can do electricity in town or you can rent the Owner's Cabin a mile away which has electricity).
  • Wireless/internet. There is no wireless. Do not ever even dream of asking for the park's password.
  • Cell phone coverage. You can drive out to the overlook about a mile away and get phone service with a good phone.
  • Running water. There is a flush toilet bathroom and showers near all cabins.

What we can offer:

  • A chance to talk to other elit writers about what you are doing
  • A chance to contribute to the Unofficial and More Interesting Electronic Literature History Project.
  • An amazing place to relax and write.
  • A place for family and friends to hike, swim, move tired muscles
  • A kids track (IF interest is there) (including knitting, anti-bullying, strategy games, family communication, hiking, and herb lore).

What you should do NOW:

  • If you want to stay at the Hot Springs, call them  (970) 879-0342 and reserve now. They only have room on site for about 30 people, and we are sharing with the public--no special reservations allowed. They take checks, and they book up about a year in advance. By October, August 2012 will probably be booked out. I suggest:
    • For camping, see if campsite 5 is open. This has a great view of the mountains, and is above cabin 4 (where Deena will be staying).
    • For cabins, get cabin 3 (it has a bit of an incline, but is doable) or cabin 2 (with stairs).
    • The covered wagons are sweet and tiny. You can squeeze 2 and kids into a cabin, but the covered wagons are for 2 people who are pretty intimate.
    • The caboose has a refrigerator and running water and is close to cabin 1 (Julianne and the daily rendevous point).
    • The owner's cabin has all amenities, including electricity, and is a mile up the road.
  • Or you can get a timeshare in Steamboat and just come up. It is about a 15 minute drive (one third on a dirt road) from Steamboat Springs to the hot springs. You can do the daily rendevous in Cabin 1 at 10 a.m. without paying. If you are not staying, then it is $10 a day per person to go down to the springs.

What we will do in August 2012

  • We will have a one-day "colloquim day" in Steamboat. Participants will be asked (but not required) to present a 5 minute ignite! session about their work. The afternoon session will feature a discussion "The Links and Edges: where we were, are, and will be."

  • Every day, we will rendevous at Cabin 1 at 10 a.m. As there are no cell phones, this will be the only time to meet folks and read the old-style bulletin board.

More information coming soon. Just book now...(or plan to come and try to find a place in Steamboat Springs).